FlexiCAM Piranha

piranha 3x rendered


  • Space-saving fixed table - moving gantry design for small machine footprint
  • Welded, stress relieved and machined all-steel baseframe, gantry and gantry feet
  • Steel structures are reinforced with heavy ribs to resist flex and dampen vibrations
  • Overhead gantry design without vertical columns to minimize deflection, distortion, or vibration, for rapid movements and a maximum overall volumetric accuracy
  • Rigid Z-ram with large bearing spacing for fast positioning and accurate machining with low vibrations at long Z-strokes
  • Each machine design is efficiently optimized and validated by using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to ensure quality, performance, and safety
  • Easy all-side access for material loading by forklift or overhead crane
  • Electronics and mechanical drives are located outside the machining envelope to prevents their potential contamination from wet or dry machining
  • High preload profiled linear bearings with cover strips and additional scapers on all axis
  • Brushless digital A/C servo drives and motors on all axis
  • Dual side drive and synchronised X-axis; no twist under load like applicable to a single center-mounted ballscrew or cantilevered design
  • Helical rack and pinion drive system on all axis
  • Low-backlash planetary gear boxes
  • Fully closed cable carriers prevent the cables from damage by chips and fine dust
  • High quality, shielded cables for energy chains are a guarantee of reliability
  • Z-axis clearance 2,000 mm or customer specific
  • Z-axis travel customer specific
  • Maximum axis speed 100 m/min (1,000 mm/s) depending on controller, motors and drives
  • Network connection via Ethernet (optional Wireless)
  • Remote Administration via Internet